Happy Mother's Day

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Mother’s are the only ones who give without expecting, love with no conditions, and take care of you without limits. They’re a gift sent from god to make our lives a better place, a happier place, to nurture and to support us. They have always been there for us. So it’s only fair we give them back some of the love they have been giving us all these years. Let’s celebrate our heroes on their day (March 21st). And If I may say, we should celebrate them everyday. So happy mother’s day to all the moms around the world. Without them, nothing would have been possible, so thank you for everything.

Here are some of the pictures in honor of my mom.

The bouquet is from Spring Rose and it was a giveaway which I won from Ruba Fahhd's blog, Thank you Ruba for the most amazing bouquet. 

The cake is from Al Kabbani.  The 2 random gifts are from Harvey Nichols and Al Moallim

I love you mom <3