Birthday Girl

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Today is officially my 22nd Birthday!


Get the trend: Transparent Bags

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Trend Alert: Bags II

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In the last post I was talking about the latest bags trends, and in this post I’ll continue the talk.

Transparent bags are the newest and hottest trend right now! Well, probably it’s the oddest trend of the season, only for those who dare to walk with bare bags, or backs shall I say? Since everyone can see exactly what’s in your bag! 

في آخربوست عن اخر موضات الشنط، اللي هي الشنط الميني، و الحين حكمل احكيلكم عن موضة جديدة.
الشنط الشفافة هي اخر موضات و صرعات الشنط! ممكن حسيتوها غريبة شوية هل الموسم، بس هي للناس الجريئين اللي يقدرو يمشو بشنط شفافة! لأن كل أحد يقدر يشوف ايش بالضبط بالشنطة!

High street stores and larger, designer brands have all cottoned on to this exciting new trend and it is only set to get more popular, so look out for some fantastic styles in stores near you. Some of the most popular brands such as Holly Fulton, Valentino, Gucci, Prada, Chanel, and Stella McCartney have invested time on this trend. 

أكبر العلامات والأسماء التجارية صممو شنط شفافة، نشوف الستايل هذا كل مالو ينشهر زيادة و ناس اكثر تستعملو. تقدرو تلاقوها عند اقرب المحلات لك، و كمان بعض المصممين زي هولي فولتون، فالنتينو، غوتشي، برادا، شانيل، وستيلا مكارتني.

They’re available in different colors, designs, and sizes, consisting of minimalist design, with an elegant finish. The use of metallic accents is visible in most designs, something worth noticing among most brands. It can go with any color and any style, from gowns, to casual outfits (Depends mostly on the design of the bag).

تلاقوها بألوان وتصاميم وأحجام مختلفة و غالبا بسيطة. ،تقدري تلبسيها مع أي حاجة و أي لون و أي ستايل، من فساتين سهرة، إلى ملابس كاجوال (يعتمد في الغالب على تصميم الشنطة).

My question for you guys is: Are you daring enough for this hot new trend? 


Get the trend: Mini Bags

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Mini Bags


Yves Saint Laurent chain bag

Christian Dior leather bag
$3,680 -


Valentino leather shoulder bag
$1,535 -


Trend Alert: Bags I

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When it comes to accessories, they have been just as influential, with certain styles being increasingly popular as the year goes on and summer approaches. Here are just a few of the bag trends that have been making waves during 2013 so far.

لمن نجي عند الاكسسوارات، نشوف قد ايش تتغير تصاميمها و ستايلاتها بكل season، ححكي بس عن احد الموضات الدارجة بالشنط هذا ال season. 
Mini bags are a big trend for Spring/Summer 2013, bringing versatility and functionality. Offered in various shapes and styles mini bags can be worn on wrist, behind the back or carried by handles. They come in a variety of materials, colors, and sizes as well. They are perfect for summer and looks great when paired with anything from cropped jeans and a tee, to long flowing dresses.

الشنط الميني عليها إتجاه كبير لربيع / صيف 2013، و لها اشكال واستعمالات كثيرة. و طلعت بأشكال وأساليب  مختلفة. يعني تقدري تمسكيها بيدك، او حتى ورا الظهر و احيانا cross body. كمان لها اشكال، ألوان، أحجام، و ماتيريالز مختلفة. مرا مثالية للصيف، و تقدري تلبسيها مع أي شيء من جينز و تي شيرت، إلى فساتين او تنانير.
Mini bags can be used as accessories to add that pop of color to an outfit and make a statement. They are just the right touch you need to add that summer feel to your look.

الشنط الميني تقدري تستخدميها عشان تضيفين لون أو بوب اوف كولور pop of color لأي لبس. تعطي وتضيف لمسة صيفية لاي لوك.

Diane Von Furstenberg showed whimsical bags at her show, while at Louis Vuitton they were of classic shapes and playful checkered patterns. Prada and Rochas offer smaller totes while Mulberry featured leather scalloped tote with chain handles. 

كثير مصممين نزلوها من ديان فون فورسنبرغ باشكالها الجذابة، ل لويس فويتون بأشكالو الكلاسيكية. و كمان برادا و روشاس طلعو احجام اصغر كمان، و مولبيري طلعو شنط جلدية مع سلاسل.


Quote of the Month

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Isabel Marant to collaborate with H&M for fall collection

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Mark your calendars, cause the perfect storm for effortless edge is coming your way. Just when you've finally convinced yourself that the next collaboration couldn't possibly get more exciting than the last, H&M reveals that they’re collaborating and teaming up with Isabel Marant, the Parisian high-end fashion designer, for fall 2013.

Marant is well known for her bohemian, Parisian and rock ‘n’ roll inspired designs. The French designer is probably best known for her boon of a footwear innovation, the sneaker wedge, but that's only the tip of the iceberg in her fashion arsenal

It’s no secret that H&M loves a good fashion collaboration. The Swedish chain has had everyone from Versace, Karl Lagerfeld, Stella McCartney, Lanvin, Maison Martin Margiela, and Roberto Cavalli design for their brand. However, the newest partnership is going where no H&M guest designer has gone before.
What the goods will look like remains to be unseen, but Marant is a master at crafting effortlessly cool clothing and accessories for women. H&M fans will be able to shop all their favorite Marant-inspired pieces in 250 stores worldwide, and online on November 14, 2013, and the collection will feature clothing and accessories for women, teens and for the FIRST time for Marant, menswear. Perhaps high on the question list of fans of Marant will be if H&M will recreate those much copied Isabel Marant wedge sneakers and the biker jackets with a casual worn-in look.