Riyadh Rocks KENZO!

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First I’d like to apologize for this very late post, but for I have been terribly busy the past few weeks. I had my final exams, after that I started my co-op. It’s been lovely till now, but I barley have time for myself, or for you guys. But I know I have to tell you about this Ah-Mazing event we attended about a month ago (I know it’s a really really late post, but better late than never :p).

KENZO actually came to RIYADH! And as usual, they threw an AWESOME event! It was held at their new and first branch at women’s kingdom. It was crowded with KENZO fans fighting over every piece (I may be exaggerating a lil bit, but that’s how it felt to me, since the pieces were selling out very very fast!)

The event was all about KENZO’s famous tiger! The one we all love! And of course (getting to the most important past) there were the famous KENZO masks! There was even a photographer who takes pictures of you upon request. You’d think we had our full share of awesomeness now, don’t you? But get this! They handed us free KENZO mugs on our way out! 

Catering By LenĂ´tre

The event was simply delightful. I went there with my friend shahad, and I saw there my friends Ruba, And Nora, and made new friends too!