Autumn is sweeter in Paris

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My interview with Bandana Twari, the fashion feature director of Vogue India

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As I mentioned in my previous post, I had the honor of interviewing Bandana Twari, the fashion feature director of Vogue India during Ramadan Caravan at Harvey Nichols Riyadh. I’ll leave you with the interview.


Ramadan Caravan at Harvey Nichols Riyadh

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Photo credit: M3alima
Ramdan Caravan is a first of its kind festival in Saudi Arabia happening at Harvey Nichols Riyadh. Each year Harvey Nichols transforms in honor of an inspiring geographical and cultural region. For 2014, Ramadan Caravan Comes to Riyadh from India. Where Harvey Nichols takes you on a instant journey the moment you step into the store to the land of colors and wonders, beautiful India.


Ramadan Mubarak

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Ramadan Mubarak everyone. May it be filled with health, happiness, and strength. 

كل عام وانتم بخير. مبارك عليكم الشهر أعاده الله علينا وعليكم باليمن والبركات والعافيه والمسرات وجعلنا وإياكم من صوامه وقوامه وكتبنا وإياكم من المعتوقين من النار


Watch acclaimed award-winning films every Friday night of June on Sundance channel only on OSN.

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Sundance Channel defines a new era in independent filmmaking. Showcasing both today’s creative icons and emerging talent of tomorrow.


My Interview with Saudi fashion designer Razan Alazzouni

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Razan Alazzouni is one of the most famous Saudi fashion designers. Celebrities such Emma Roberts, Kelly Osbourne, Naya Rivera, Whitney Port and Ashley Tisdale among others wore her designs. If you want to know more about her, scroll down for the exclusive interview with Razan Alazzouni herself.


Rebranding Dowy's Diaries

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I was not really satisfied with my original logo nor branding for my blog, which was done by me, and I've always wanted to re-brand it. I finally did it!! I asked for professional help from


Switching to Persil Abaya

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Us, Fashion bloggers, always bring you the latest trends and talk about the it pieces for the season and everything you want to get, but we don’t tell you how to take care of the pieces you already have…


Kate Moss Returns To Topshop

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Kate Moss, The British fashion icon is returning to TOPSHOP after almost 4 years with her best yet collection to be, inspired by pieces in Moss's own closet.


Dowy's Diaries Turns 1!

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My blog turned 1 this month! I can’t believe it’s been a year already! Time went by so fast! I still remember how I felt when I first started this blog! and oh I’ve come so far! I’m actually proud of that!


The SJP Collection by Sarah Jessica Parker

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Most of you know Sarah Jessica Parker, the 48-year-old actress as Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City. Also if you have watched (most definitely loved) the show, you’d know the strong relationship she has with shoes. As she once quipped, “Men I may not know, but shoes, shoes I know”


Preview of Iconic SS14 collection

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I was invited yesterday, March 12th to attend the Preview of Iconic’s new SS14 collection at Maison Bo-M, and to meet the people behind Iconic.

The spring/summer line was focusing around 3 main trends; Sports Chic, Retro Romance and New Boho, for women. They also have a nice collection for men and children as well.


Happy International Women's Day

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March 8th is international women's day. I salute women all over the world who have made great contributions in the world in general, and in saudi specificity! Proud of them, and proud to be a woman! 

8 مارس هو يوم المرأة العالمي. أحيي النساء في جميع أنحاء العالم الذين قدموا مساهمات كبيرة في العالم بشكل عام، و في السعودية بشكل أخص! انا جدا فخورة بهم، وفخورة بكوني امرأة!


Quote of the Month

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Nahar Triangle

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During Saudi Design Week I received an invitation to attend Nahar's Traingle, with 83 store.


Edge of Fashion

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Harvey Nichols planned us a trip that was like no other, simply an unforgettable experience!


My Saudi Design Week Coverage

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As I mentioned in my previous post, Saudi Design week was held 2 weeks ago and it was a week full of art, fashion, and utter brilliance! It brought artists, fashionistas and socialites from all over the world. The activities were scattered all over Riyadh, from art galleries to forums.


Current Obsession; Pink Coats

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Saudi Design Week 9-15 FEB

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Cultural and artistic scene seem to be thriving throughout Saudi Arabia lately, revealing the country's most emerging talent to the rest of the world. Saudi Design Week will be a combination of local and international design talent, labeling itself as "a festival for design and visual culture".

المشهد الثقافي والفني في ازدهار في السعودية بالآونة الأخيرة، و قاعد يكشف و يسلط الضوء على المواهب الجديدة و الموهوبين عندنا بالسعوديةالأسبوع السعودي للتصميم مكون من مزيج من المواهب المحلية والدولية، يوصف نفسه ب "مهرجان التصميم والثقافة البصرية".


Happy New Year!

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First I'd like to wish you all a very happy new year!

2013 by far was one of my best years! With all the good, and the bad!

in 2013 I started my blog, and it has been a wonderful journey for me! I'm thankful for all the support and love I get from you guys <3