My Saudi Design Week Coverage

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As I mentioned in my previous post, Saudi Design week was held 2 weeks ago and it was a week full of art, fashion, and utter brilliance! It brought artists, fashionistas and socialites from all over the world. The activities were scattered all over Riyadh, from art galleries to forums.

As I had a busy week, I couldn't attend every activity, even though I really wanted to. I look forward to attending all of the activities next year inshallah!

I'd like to thank Harvey Nicholas, Oasis Magazine, and everyone who participated in making this fair as awesome as it was!

I'll leave you with the pictures

First, The screening of versailles 73 At Harvey Nichols. It was an informational and and entertaining documentary I must say. I love to learn about the history of fashion, especially about what happen at versailles at 73, a moment where the history of fashion changed. I will say no more.. you've gotta watch it yourself!

Sweet treats by Rabat Manzil
Loved the setting! 

 Second, Cities popup shop at Harvey Nichols. Amazing work by amazing artists!

This is so Jean Paul Gaultier! Don't you think?

 Third, Decades Vintage popup shop at Harvey Nichols, all the way from LA to Riyadh! A vintage Chanel heaven!

Chanel overdose!

I fell in love with this!!!

Fourth, Saudi Design Week forum at King Fasial foundation. I attended the 3rd day of the forum were Cameron Silver and Debora Riley Draper were the guests, in addition of the design forum. I loved the  talk and the discussion. I've also got my book (Decades) signed by Cameron Silver (Author)! Exciting! I know!

The Saudi Stylist Hala Al-Harthy who styled Cameron and Debora in During SDW
My friends and I at the forum
A glance of the forum and the forum guests
Fifth, Decades Book signing at King Faisal Foundation. I got my book from Harvey Nichols and I was so excited to get it signed by the one and only Cameron silver!

The crowd was crazy! Everyone wanted to get their books signed by Cameron! 
Cameron Silver Looking Sharp while signing my book!