Nahar Triangle

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During Saudi Design Week I received an invitation to attend Nahar's Traingle, with 83 store.
83 Store is a concept store located in Riyadh, and it's the meeting point of fashion and culture. It has many unique designers, some of which is Max & Jan; French designers with a moroccan twist. Their designs are a mix of the traditional beauty of the east, and modernistic element of the west.

We had the pleasure of meeting Max, of Max & Jan, and I've gotta say he's one of the sweetest people I've met! He also has few arabic words in his vocabulary, Moroccan accent though, which I found fascinating.

Some of the event guests were Haifa Fahad, Haifa Alibrahim, Mashael Alrajhi, Nora Alshaikh, Mashael bin Jumaa, Salman Thamer, and many more..

The event was planned by Mashael bin Jumaa herself, and it was amazing!! Thank you Nahar and 83 store for inviting me!

I'll leave you with the pictures..

Nahar and Max

Osama & Majed