Rebranding Dowy's Diaries

2:22 PM Dowy 0 Comments

I was not really satisfied with my original logo nor branding for my blog, which was done by me, and I've always wanted to re-brand it. I finally did it!! I asked for professional help from
one of my dearest friends Adwa Al-Alsheikh, both a designer and an artist mashallah, not to forget she's the founder of Adwa Design!

I've always loved her work, every single piece, no kidding. She was more than willing to help me rebrand my blog. And the designing process was more like a delightful journey, we together developed, which I believe to be, the perfect and professional branding for my blog. I loved working with her, because she really listens and gives you her best work, with your touches of course and believe me, you'll be more than happy with it. Not everyone can translate a voice into a brand successfully and beautifully the way she does it. Anyhow I don't want to take more of your time, I'll leave you with the pictures. I do love a feedback btw! xx

Don't forget to check out her work on Instagram! @Adwadesign