Weekend Getaway: Next Door Edition

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It's quiet not easy, let's say, to find new and fun stuff to do in Riyadh! However my friends and I had the best weekend getaway here. I'll tell you all about it. 

To spice up our daily routine we had an idea of changing the scenery, and we thought a trip to no other than the Ritz Carlton in Riyadh would do that! So we booked a suite for the weekend and we were too excited to try it out and enjoy an actual getaway!

We arrived to our suite on Thursday afternoon, settled in and put our luggage down (yes, we actually brought luggage, you've got to live the dream!). The room was like a piece of a Parisian palace, elegant, classy, artistic, feminine yet very cozy! And the suite was very spacious! It had everything you even think you might need, not to mention the room service, I confess we abused this service a little bit haha! 

After that we thought of trying the many restaurants choices at the hotel. 

Our first, and may I say favorite, choice was, CHORISIA LOUNGE. It's the restaurant in the lobby. They have outdoor and indoor seating choices. Their outdoors are spectacular, and I know this because I love a restaurant with an outdoors, and there are not as many here in Riyadh. Enough about the space, the pictures speak for itself! Let's get started about the food! I have to say, it's my favorite restaurant at the Ritz Carlton! From their lunch and dinner choices to their coffee and desserts! 

My favorite orders on the lunch menu were, margherita pizza, onion glazed beef burgers, cream onion soup and truffle fries. And from their coffee and dessert menu, hot chocolate, and date pudding. Their hot chocolate was so rich in taste, as the waiter explained it’s made of Valrhona chocolate, from France, it’s the most expensive chocolate in the world! And don't get me started on the presentation! That little snowman is so edible! I actually ate it haha! And the date pudding was a quick trip to heaven. Let me tell you something, I'm not a big fan of dates and I rarely eat them, I don't usually like their taste. But that dish was something else.... With the caramel sauce.. it's just a heavenly bite after another. I also loved their high tea! All in all, it’s a great place to hangout and chill it seriously becoming my favorite go to place in Riyadh. 

And for dinner we went to AL ORJOUAN. It’s a buffet restaurant, one of the nicest ones in Riyadh, and that night, Thursday night, was seafood night! Let me start with, I just started eating seafood recently after a break of nearly 13 years. I didn’t use to like it, but now, as my new year’s resolution, I’m willing to try and re-try everything in life, cause you know tastes changes or may I say evolve.. But hey baby steps!

Anyhow, it wasn’t just all seafood, but there aren’t a seafood dish I know of that wasn’t there. I really liked their salads, and sushi choices and the pasta station, where you get to order your own pasta, with the sauce and topping of your choice. 

The day after, Friday, we went again to AL ORJOUAN for their brunch. It’s only on Fridays, from 12:30 till 4:00.

It was soooo good, I seriously didn’t want to leave! The great thing about brunches is that you have both choices of breakfast and lunch! I loved loved their food choices. I had waffles and pancakes as a start, and made my way through the best noodles from their noodle station (made to order) and then went straight to desserts. It was so superb! their cheesecake and the caramelized bananas were the highlight of my day, not to mention their chocolate fondue and the gelato… I wouldn’t mind going their ever Friday of every week.. It’s a MUST try!

Later during the day we went to STRIKE BOWLING ALLEY 
It’s a really fun and entertaining place to go to with your friends! I played with my friends, but I’ve gotta say I played for the fun of it… I clearly didn’t win, not even close haha. We also enjoyed some snacks like popcorn and fries, as well as drinks!

On our last night we went to HONG for dinner. It’s a traditional Chinese cuisine in a modern setting. I’ve gotta say I really like the atmosphere and the decor, it takes you straight to China. I liked their crispy boneless chicken, and vegetable fried rice. 

And with that I believe I ended my weekend, I had so much fun and it felt like I took a trip. I entered with an attitude, and left with a mood haha…