Yalda's Meet & Greet in Riyadh

12:17 AM Dowy 0 Comments

Another night with Yalda! I was so happy to receive an invitation for Yalda’s meet and greet! It was a private dinner held in her honor at Spazio.
The dinner was superb to the finest details. I enjoyed meeting and getting to know new people, in the entertainment business, and believe me when I say, they were entertaining! 

From the singing talenst and the beat box of 3ay9' & Abdulkareem to the “on the spot comedy shows” of Ibrahim 3bdulr7man and alshedoukhi and so many more talents I've witnessed that day. They were really something! I’m so glad to have met them all. Oh and not to forget, I met Hasan! Yalda’s husband. He’s super nice and funny!