Glamixup Event

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A while back I have attended a very interesting event with Glambox Middle East. I have heard about subscription boxes a lot, but never have I tried it before… Simply because it was not available here, or so I thought...

I was really excited to attend this event and know more about the company and how subscription boxes work, and of course share my experience with you.

First, they have introduced us to the company, which is a global company that was recently introduced in Saudi after being in the UAE, and other countries in the Middle East for a while now.

The idea behind the box is to deliver the best and most sought after treats and treasures from the beauty world on a monlthy basis to your doorsteps by subscribing for SAR 93 per month. It’s a great way to keep up to date on seasonal make-up trends and test out hand selected products and samples by beauty experts.

At the event we got to create our own box, and choose from a variety of products available there. I have chosen my products according to what I have been recommended to use by friends and family, and some that I haven’t heard about, but seemed interesting to try.

Below you’ll find all of the products that I have chosen in my Glambox. If you have tried any of these, please tell me what you think in the comments below.